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Emotional Schauvliege resigns as minister

A very emotional Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) resigns as minister after the climate speech about ‘a plot theory’.
Joke Schauvliege has spoken herself at a press conference to announce her resignation as minister aan te kondigen, after words of support by Wouter Beke.

Beke, as well as Schauvliege and minister Hilde Crevits spoke about an attack on the person Schauvliege during the past weeks. Schauvliege: 'During the past week I have received thousands of mails and SMS messages on my iphone. I could not conduct any normal communication anymore, I could no longer communicate with my own family (voice breaks).'

Schauvliege refers to a campaign by Act for Climate Justice. That group convoked climate activists to text and send mails to the four climate ministers of our country. To that aim the personal mobile numbers of the ministers were released. Not their private numbers, but the mobile number they use as ministers.

According to Beke the polarisation is complete now, and it 'must dat stop now'. Schauvliege herself emphasises she has always tried to reconcile. 'I have tried to bring nature and agriculture together, ecology, economy and climate, and my goal was to invest investeren in prosperity.'

About the speech all this is about, Schauvliege said: 'I have taken a non checked message at face value. I have apologised, but the continuous criticism just kept coming.' The CD&V politiciansaid in that speech that the State Security had confirmed to her there was a clear organisation behind the climate marches. Something which later turned out not to be correct.

Joke Schauvliege
Climate debate should not revolve around my person and therefore I am taking a step which has to bring the serenity and the reasonableness back.

5:46 PM - Feb 5, 2019
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No successor has been announced yet. Schauvliege will be on top of the East-Flemish list for the Flemish Parliament at the elections in May.
Source: De Standaard.

Some final thoughts:
-They shouldn't use 'polarisation' as an argument, nor should they put the blame on someone else, it is a blunder in a row of many during Joke Schauvliege's entire career, and it is a well known fact that certain things can only go on for so long.
-Also, the 'minister' will not have to fear for her future, as, just like CD&V secured the equally incompetent Marianne Thyssen and her further income by giving her a job in the European Parliament some years ago, they will not let that lady down, because, as a real vote attractor she will lead the list again on May 26 2019, so, always job security.

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What will CD&V do with Joke Schauvliege?

The Flemish CD&V-fraction (Christian-democrats) sat together this afternoon after statements made by climate minister Joke Schauvliege, who described the climate marches as "pre-planned games" and "put into scene. Schauvliege' fate is now in Beke's (the party president) hands, says the party.

The words were spoken during a speech for the Algemeen Boerensyndicaat (General Farmer's Syndicate) and she also claimed that her words were confirmed by the State Security, however, she retracted those words on Tuesday, saying she had had no contact with the State Security.

Not all her fellow party members are lenient for her: “How could you say such a thing?”, are the words of numerous CD&V MPs.
The party abstains from any further comments because they think this matter should be "cleared up internally".

Many opponents call for the minister's resignation, but whether or not this will happen is a decision which is in the hands of party president Wouter Beke.

“I have clearly made a mistake”, reacts Schauvliege in De ochtend on Radio 1. She also admits there were no contacts with the State Security about the climate marches, although she claimed the opposite. “But I do not have the feeling I have lied.”
She blames her words on fatigue (sic).
Wouter Beke, however, thinks it is noble she apologised. "That does not happen often in politics", he added.
A person who obviously possesses a great deal of selfknowledge

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