Terrorism is (of course) not an option
He had psychiatric problems
Yesterday, during the carnival in Alost (Aalst), a man tried to commit a terror attack with a car.
This is, true to islamic habits, not unknown to us from incidents in the past (Antwerp, London, Nice, Stockholm).

Of course, the lying media, and mayor Cristoph D'haese (N-VA, of course, as the hypocrisy floats on the surface again), were shouting from the rooftops right away they deny it would concern a terrorist attack, but it just was a confused old man, ie.someone with psychiatric problems.
  • Why were the number plates of the car taped over?
  • Why did the culprit carry weapons (knives, baseball bats)?
  • Why did the culprit declare he wanted to "teach Alost a lesson"?

Also, eye witnesses claim there was no elderly, confused man, though a middle aged man, dressed sportily with sneakers and sports pants, and a man who was as good as certain of foreign origin.

Let us not forget the carnival in Alost mocks everything and everyone, and although they already had a great deal of censorship imposed on them in order not to offend "you know who", the carnival is still "haram" to the aforementioned, in that people celebrate, dance and consume alcohol (oh horror).

The city of Alost had already prepared against such "acts of revenge", by placing concrete blocks, an even greater police presence and cameras.

At the similar attack in Antwerp they also shouted LOUDLY it had nothing to do with terrorism.

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