They look after their own
This appeared in De Morgen today:
Joke Schauvliege replaces Peter Van Rompuy as first vice-president Flemish Parliament

Former CD&V-minister Joke Schauvliege replaces Peter Van Rompuy as first vice-president of the Flemish Parliament.

Van Rompuy himself was appointed as fraction leader of the CD&V-fraction last week where he replaces Koen Van den Heuvel. The latter became Flemish minister last week, succeeding Joke Schauvliege, who resigned after controversial statements about the climate marches.

Some final thoughts:
There was absolutely no doubt that CD&V was not going to let one of her protegees down.
Just like I made, in the previous article about Joke Schauvliege, the comparison with Marianne Thyssen, this has come true as well.
Given the fact that CD&V (and with them N-VA too) are the champions in handing uit lucrative positions and keeping them in the family it was more than obvious that the "weeping ministe" would get something in her pocket very quickly.
We just have to wait now to find out what other fat positions with multinationals will be added to that.
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