What about our own people?
De Standaard wrote:
"Fifteen returned Syria fighters got social benefits in September 2015.
This was revealed in an answer by Kris Peeters to a written question by Barbara Pas.
At the same time, seven people who alledgedly had gone to Syria, also received benefits."

According to Pas, there is no place here for people who took part in the horrors in Syria, let alone they would be able to make claims on our social system.
Pas also demands that the many promises to remove the people in question off the register would turn to effective deeds.

When reading all this, you can get the following thoughts:
  • Why don't they just arrest and try those people and lock them up?
  • What to do with our own people, who have worked for years, and all of a sudden lose their job, our who all of a sudden cannot work anymore due to illness or disability?
Thank you, government.


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